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159 W Broadway Ste 200
Salt Lake City, UT, 84601
United States

Most important part of any Kickstarter is the video. 

I provide a cost effective way for you to get an awesome, high-quality video as well as a videographer who only succeeds if your project reaches its goal.  

Ready to help you make your Kickstarter Video today.


You have the idea. I make the video.

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The technical stuff: All transactions are done through PayPal. Upon receiving your form, we will figure out the best amount up-front so we can make your video in a efficient and effective way. Up-front costs cover music, writing and other creative skills (aka: actually making your video). Any props, travel, or added features that you would like will not be covered by the up-front fee. I will take on some projects who wish to opt-out of the Kickstarter Video package, just message me and I can send you a bid.